Philoptochos Chapter 1092: Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church, Falls Church VA

Fall 2011 News:

Saint Katherine’s is located in Falls Church, Virginia outside of Washington, DC. A Ladies Auxiliary was formed in May 1960 and Philoptochos was formed in June 1970.

As this is being written we are busily preparing for the Church fall festival. Our Philoptochos receives the proceeds from our pastry booth. We also have a Christmas Bake Sale where we sell pastry and Vasilopita and an Easter Bake Sale where we also sell pastry and tsourekia (although it seems we never enough!). The bake sales are our major fundraisers and we are fortunate to have a group of women who work so tirelessly.

We have two luncheons for our seasoned citizens and guests, one in November (a Thanksgiving theme) and one in February around Valentine’s day. At least once or twice a year we prepare and serve food at Bailey’s Crossroads Shelter located not too far from our Church.

In addition to supporting the National Philoptochos charities, we also support local charities such as the World Foundation for Children Volunteer Farms program to help combat children’s hunger, our local Bailey’s Crossroads volunteer fire department, our Church’s Support our Troops program, and for the first time last Christmas we bought Christmas presents for 2 Marine Corps area families through the Adopt a Family program at Henderson Hall Marine Corps Base in Arlington Virginia.

Our hope is that we may continue to grow spiritually and become an even more dynamic Chapter.

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