Philoptochos Chapter 1039: Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church, Toms River NJ

Spring 2012 News:

Dear Sisters in Philoptochos, Spring has come early this year with the budding of daffodils, tulips and crocuses but mainly with the promise of the renewal of life and promise which the Pascha season brings to us each year. We are in the process of collecting funds for our Epitaphio and ordering the flowers and joyfully decorating the icons of the Panayia for the Salutations,and all the Stephania and Special Decorations and items needed for Holy Week. We will also be dyeing and wrapping approximately 500 Red eggs on Holy Thursday and helping with the Palm folding on the Saturday of Lazarus. We are also sending out our Easter Gift cards to several families in need and also our donation to our adopted  Mission Priest. We are also providing Tsourekia for sale for our  Parish every Sunday after Church.

Going  forward we are implementing  an Enriromental Responsibility Program as per suggestion from National for the collection of used electronic items to be recycled and the funds used for an Outreach fundraiser.

May you have a beautiful Spring and Summer and hope to meet all of you at the various Fundraisers and events of our Sister Chapters.


Dee Linardakis, President


Winter 2012 News:

Executive Board:
Dee Linardakis, President
Cindy Lobman, First Vice-President,
Tina Lines, Second Vice President,
Stella Zizos, Treasurer,
Goldie Marousis, Secretary and Advisor,
Rebecca Constantinou, Recording Secretary

Greetings and warm wishes for a Happy and Blessed New Year to all our Philoptochos Sisters.

We are pleased to say that since our last Newsletter we have10 new members join our Philoptochos and we hope to keep on growing in the coming year. This past year we have stepped up our Philanthropic works both Spiritually and Financially because more than ever due to the economy there is so much need. Both in our own Community and surrounding areas we are approached on a weekly basis to help those who have lost employment or are so ill that they cannot work or provide the basic needs for living. We also provide on a weekly basis support for Shut-ins and invalids such as taking them to doctor appointments, buying groceries and visiting with them to give them moral and spiritual support.

We held our Fall Gift Auction which grossed a little over $9,000 and we will hold our next one on February 24th and hope to do as well. On December 3rd we hosted the Vesper Reception of the Nameday of our beloved St. Barbara and the Luncheon the next day. As always, our ladies outdid themselves and both days were beautiful and filled with love and joy. We held our Vasilopita on January 8th with a beautiful cutting ceremony by Father Paul and we will able send a check for $700 to our St. Basil’s Academy. Our main focus again this year is escalate our endeavors in our Philanthropic works and also to help the endeavors of our Parish . May God bless us all to carry on his mission of love, help and support of our fellow man and of our Church.


Again, Happy New Year to all of us,
Dee Linardakis – President


Fall 2011 News:

St. Barbara is located close to what everyone knows as the “Jersey Shore”. For this reason many of our parishioners retire here and we also havemany young families. Our Philoptochos members are comprised of women who have known each other for over 35 years and whose children we have seen grow and now have children of their own. So as “Mothers” of our church we are involved in many of their activities such as Camp St. Barbara whereby Philoptochos provides, cooks and also serves lunches and desserts to all the children. It is a very rearding experience to see our children and grandchildren triving and enjoying themselves in a spiritual environment.

Recently, we hosted the Communtion Breakfast on August 15th for Panayias and also held a Bake Sale at the same time. We also Chaired the baking and selling of Pastries at the St. Barbara Mini Festival in June and we will do the same for our Annual Festival coming us in September.

We also sponsored a very successful Red Cross Blood Drive in which we had approximately 40 people come to donate blood.

St. Barbara has also completed the building of a magnificent Gym at the cost of over a Million and a half dollars and our Philoptochos has made a plde of $25,000 towards this as well as supporting the fundraiser to help finance this project. We are also participating in the Chapter Challenge of St. George, Asbury Park called “Shine A Light” for Alzheimers Awareness. We will have a fundraiser on October 9th with the selling of White Candles behind the Pangari and all the poroceeds will go to this worthy cause, We are also participating in a “Walk for Alzheimers” on Sept, 24th at Pt. Pleasant, NJ with our GOYA Alumni and to date we have raised $3,500.

We also host three Gift Auctions a year which nets us a profit of approximately $5,000 per Auction. So we will be very busy these next few months and we look forward to a successful and very rewarding year. God Bless all our Sister Chapters and we look forward to reading all about their endavors and getting to know more about them through this Newsletter.

Yours in Christ,
Dee Linardakis, Philoptochos President of St. Barbara

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